Fishing along the West Coast

At By Holiday Homes, we ensure through our holiday home rental service that you have access to a string of experiences along the West Coast - on land, at sea, and in the air. We strive to showcase Denmark's fantastic coastline, whether you are interested in deep-sea fishing, sailing, diving, cycling, shopping or culinary experiences at the coast's attractions and restaurants. There are a myriad of possibilities along our beautiful coastline! At By Holiday Homes, we want to showcase the multifaceted palette and make it easy for you to put together and book exactly the combination you desire. 

For anglers, for example, we can recommend a variety of fishing trips, whether you are looking for deep-sea fishing or river fishing. The West Coast is a pure fishing mecca and surpasses many other well-known fishing destinations. The team behind By Holiday Homes has extensive knowledge about fishing, so you can safely seek information from us or contact us at any time.

Combining fishing with years of experience in accommodation (vacation home rental, hotels, campsites, hostels, etc.) allows you to put together a multi-day experience tour that caters to the needs of the whole family or group of friends. A day of fishing, a day of cycling, a rest day of shopping and restaurant visits - and then off again! If you are planning together with others, you can also split the content of the days and share with each other when you return home to, for example, the vacation home to rest.

There is a wealth of accommodation options available: the vacation homes and apartments are lined up like pearls along the West Coast, as well as an excellent selection of hotels, campsites, cabins, and hostels.

When you rent a vacation home or apartment through By Holiday Homes, the foundation is laid for you to put together and book your next fishing vacation with your family.

Coastal tourism in Denmark!

At By Holiday Homes, we love Denmark. A small country without high mountains, but a gem of a vacation destination. Especially in terms of coastal tourism! There are simply a number of unique areas, attractions, and sights in Denmark, and we particularly love the North West Coast. There are plenty of vacation homes for rent and other accommodation options for those who want to vacation along the Danish west coast. We're talking about kilometers of wide, beautiful beaches, and in the high season, there are areas with lifeguards. So come safely to Denmark and vacation - whether you want to stay in a vacation home, hotel, go boating and fishing, do outdoor activities, etc. It's Denmark at its best!

Coastal tourism in Northwest Jutland

You'll find Northwest Jutland at the top of Denmark, between the Kattegat and Skagerrak, meeting at the top of Denmark. As a tourist on the west coast, you can experience coastal tourism with unique experiences for the whole family all year round. Typically, vacations are spent in a summer house or holiday home, which you can rent here at By Holiday Homes.

Tourism on the west coast is characterized by beautiful and unique nature, a roaring sea, and fresh, breezy air. Whether you explore the beautiful nature, the enchanting holiday towns, or the lovely summer houses that Northwest Jutland has to offer, you will be able to experience coastal tourism everywhere. Coastal tourism means that wherever you are, you will be close to the sea, which almost surrounds the region, and you will always have access to inhale the fresh air, which is a big part of the North Jutland culture. Along the coast, you will find lovely beaches where both water sports enthusiasts and water lovers are welcome, and where there are plenty of opportunities for fishing.

Unique tourist attractions along the west coast

As a tourist on the Northwest Coast, you have the opportunity to explore the many different beautiful attractions all year round. Tourism along the west coast caters to all age groups. North Jutland offers many unique outdoor activities, including historical sites such as magnificent lighthouses, castles, and bunkers from the wartime. 

The beautiful nature offers large forests and protected areas with many animals and bird species. One of the unique experiences that all tourists along the west coast should experience is at the top of Denmark. Here you will find Grenen, where you can see, as something completely unique, the two seas Skagerrak and Kattegat meet in a foaming dance. Families with children can also enjoy themselves in zoos, impressive aquariums, and amusement parks. And accommodation can be found in the lovely summer houses that are lined up along the impressive North Sea.

Cities with coastal tourism

There are plenty of cities, each with their North Jutland charm. Air and water are two of the most important elements, and as a tourist, you will quickly discover that all the North Jutland cities are close to the sea, lakes, or rivers. And that means that nature experiences and fishing are a big part of tourism on the west coast. In the cities, you will find exciting shopping and dining options as well as museums, cultural centers, and much more. None of the North Jutland cities are the same and contain a good mix of old houses, new buildings, and holiday homes for rent. Tourism along the west coast is quite versatile and a good mix of city, water, and nature.

Deep sea fishing on the west coast

Coastal tourism also means that there are plenty of opportunities for many great fishing experiences. One of the most popular fishing destinations in North Jutland is The Yellow Reef, which is a high plateau area on the edge of the 'Torskedybet,' located approximately 2 hours from the North Jutland coast. Here it is possible to catch cod, pollack, coal fish, ling, catfish, wolffish, redfish, and plaice. The destination can be reached by boat from Hirtshals or Hanstholm and is popular with both locals and tourists on the west coast.

Lake and river fishing at the West Coast

As a tourist in Northwest Jutland, you also have the opportunity to try your hand at fishing in both lakes and rivers in the beautiful nature. There are many put & take fishing opportunities in Danish nature that the whole family can enjoy. In the lakes, it is possible to catch trout, pike, perch, sand eels, and peaceful fish - especially trout is popular among tourists along the West Coast. In the rivers, it is possible to catch trout, which also attracts many tourists to Northern Jutland. In other words: In Northern Jutland, you will experience coastal tourism at its best! Bring your family to a summer house and experience what we are talking about.

Enjoy your vacation at the West Coast!

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