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Yes, our name “By Holiday Homes” actually does'nt mention anything about the fact that we rent out holiday apartments in Løkken. But we do! We primarily have holiday homes, but not everyone needs or prefers to spend the holiday in a holiday home. Many people find greater pleasure in renting a holiday apartment, which also allows them to be located directly in the city center. A modern take on a holiday in Denmark for life-lovers who simply prefer a nice apartment - possibly with a roof terrace or a balcony.

We offer a wide selection of holiday apartments in Løkken

At By Holiday Homes we work actively to always expand our range of holiday apartments and holiday homes in Denmark. We want to meet as many needs as possible - but only within the framework that we are locally anchored and always to be found just around the corner if you need us. Our local presence and niche focus on Løkken city in Denmark allows us to find as many holiday homes as possible, located in close proximity to both the city and the North Sea. Did you know, for example, that By Holiday Homes gives back to the local area? Part of our profits goes to local urban renewal. As we ourselves use and love Løkken, we would like to see it flourish and say thank you for all the fantastic experiences that the city already facilitates. In relation to our selection of holiday apartments, we hope that you can find exactly the one you want to rent for your next holiday in Denmark. Should it be an apartment with a view of the sea, or do you thrive best on the ground floor, where the life of city life can be viewed from the first floor in the sun? Then you can rent exactly the holiday home in Denmark you are looking for.

Holiday apartments in the old party town

In the 90s, Løkken was known for the so-called "party holidays" with noise and commotion, and party buses and lots of discos - like one big Ibiza or Sunny Beach. This is no longer the case, now there is a greater diversity for the benefit of all those who do not necessarily belong to the very party-minded type. But there is still room for a party, though. New restaurants are being made and Løkken is flourishing as both a holiday town, but also as a town where you can settle down and live permanently. Therefore, it is no longer a "narrow" clientele looking for a holiday apartment in Løkken, Denmark. It can just as well be anything from families with children to singles and couples, who are just looking for fewer square meters, or simply just thrive best in apartments over cottages. In any case, the city does not necessarily call for a party and it can actually be recreational - especially if you have your vacation a little out of high season. The North Sea is a few steps away and you can enjoy hot cocoa, cool white wine, a nice cup of coffee or something else. At By Holiday Homes we strive to facilitate the most ideal holiday apartment in Denmark for you and yours.

So take a look at our range and book online today. We are ready to receive you with open arms!