Vacation in a holiday home in Lønstrup

Lønstrup is a wonderful holiday town with lots of charm and a penchant for crafts. The beach has charming groynes, and Lønstrup is an old fishing village. Close to the center of the town you will find lots of charming cottages and holiday homes in Denmark. And in the very center, the streets are filled with galleries, potters, art workshops, jewelry artists, shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, eateries and more. So there is something for everyone in beautiful Lønstrup.

What characterizes Lønstrup as a holiday destination?

Whether you are on holiday in a holiday home or a holiday apartment in Lønstrup, Denmark, it is obvious to experience the charming and inspiring city life, where creativity flows as part of Lønstrup's DNA. You can not avoid being inspired when you find one unique store after another - whether it is jewelry, paintings, glass art, ceramics or something else. Lønstrup actually goes by the name "city of art" for that same reason.

There are also a lot of opportunities to acquire summer robes in one of the city's many clothing stores, and the selection is wide in both style and price - so everyone should be able to find something nice in the city's stores.

In addition, there are lots of beautiful restaurants - both those with sea views and those with cozy gardens and terraces in the center. On the outskirts of Lønstrup, the fishing boats are pulled up onto the beach every day after use, so there is also plenty of opportunity to get completely fresh fish from Denmark on the menu.

Meet the raw and charming nature in Lønstrup

If you are interested in holiday rentals on the west coast, you are typically very interested in raw and windswept nature. And you will not be disappointed in Lønstrup! The dunes are thrones in their steep climbs, and the trees almost look as if they have been cut in a certain direction. But they are not - it is the wind that has marked itself and made some trees look as if they are lying down. In close proximity to Lønstrup is Rubjerg Knude lighthouse, which is again a magnificent example of the forces of nature. It was not long ago that the lighthouse was successfully moved a little further inland, and one immediately understands why, when visiting the popular destination.

If you are a little more familiar with the place - as we are at By Holiday Homes - there are little gems just outside the city, which are worth a visit. For example, you can park in what looks like a forest and follow a path until nature suddenly changes expression and you stand in the beach sand and look out over the mastodonic nature of the Danish North Sea.

In other words, there is plenty to catch up on and experience in beautiful Lønstrup in Denmark. Contact us for more info.