Go on holiday in a holiday home in Løkken

Løkken is one of the most popular destinations in Denmark when the holiday is to take place in a holiday home - with good reason! The beautiful seaside by the North Sea with the characteristic white bathing houses along the extraordinarily beautiful beach, the old fishermen's houses in the city's oldest district and the idyllic fishing boats close to the iconic pier has a lot to offer. Here is nature, city life and fun activities for the whole family. In Løkken you will experience an active and charming city life that, flanked by the eternal breaking of the waves by the North Sea, gives you the best conditions for a fantastic holiday in a rented holiday home in Denmark.

If Løkken is to be the setting for your next holiday, you will find a large number of different holiday homes for rent both in and around the town, and - as the area is such a popular holiday resort - it is always a good idea to book your holiday well in advance so that you can enjoy the many wonderful experiences that the holiday town of Løkken offers.

Live close to the raw nature of the west coast

A holiday in Løkken invites you to many hours of experiences in the beautiful nature. Make your way through the dunes, which are covered with marsh straw as a protective barrier against the North Sea's sometimes harsh mood, and enjoy the breathtaking view that meets you. The big sea and the wide, beautiful beach invites you, regardless of the season, to spend many hours in and with nature. Here you can take a dip on a summer's day, let the autumn's wind blow you away, meet the raw nature on a frosty December day or enjoy the milder winds that occasionally blow in the spring. A holiday home stay in Løkken truly offers fantastic experiences in nature all year round.

If you are in a holiday home in Løkken, it is also possible to experience the completely unique nature that characterizes the area along the northern west coast. The protected, desert-like area Råbjerg Mile is Denmark's largest hiking dune, and it is definitely worth a visit if you are planning a trip of a slightly longer duration. Ten kilometers to the north is Nørre Lyngby, and if you go there along the beach, past the bunkers - the historical evidence of world war 2 - you will experience the transformation of the coastal landscape. Here the dunes tower up as a defense against the westerly wind and the sea, and the area is particularly well visited by both paragliders and surfers.

Exciting city life and attractions for young and old

There is no doubt that the nature in and around Løkken can contribute to many hours of experiences when you spend your holiday here. But this is far from all that Løkken has to offer. Løkken is known for its active and charming city life, where a large selection of shops and restaurants ensure that everyone is welcomed when they visit Løkken. Here you will find, among other things, a wide selection of restaurants and cafes, where outdoor dining is possible. The outside dining contributes to the completely unique holiday atmosphere for which Løkken is so well known and loved.

If you are on holiday with children in the area, there are several obvious attractions to visit. Fårup Sommerland, located 15 kilometres south of Løkken is an obvious destination for an excursion. Here you will find activities, rides and events for both young and old, and the day gets going quickly when the more than 60 different amusements are to be tried out. If the weather is on the whimsical side, a visit to Action House in Løkken is also a hit for the youngest and those a little older.

Spend your holiday in a holiday home in Løkken. Here you will meet magnificent nature, charming city life and a holiday with space for everyone.