Løkken By Holiday Homes - Experiences for the whole family

A trip to a holiday home in Løkken, Denmark, embraces experiences for the whole family! No matter if the weather requires indoor or outdoor activities, Løkken offers fun and relaxation all year round. On this page you can read more about the distinguished selection.

Outdoor experiences on holiday in Løkken, Denmark

If you like outdoor action and experiences, you will literally find the rushing North Sea just around the corner - no matter where your rented holiday home is located in the city. Along the impressive sea, the wide beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. On the horizon you see Rubjerg Knude lighthouse, on which the sun almost always shines. The lighthouse is one of Europe's biggest attractions, and the walk back and forth to the lighthouse is a great experience for the whole family. Whether it is winter or summer, Rubjerg Knude lighthouse is equally impressive.

The bunkers

On the beach from Løkken to Nørre Lyngby are the old bunkers - and here you can climb into, around and on top an impressive experience. You can seek shelter from the wind while you have your picnic basket with you and enjoy the sun. 

Holiday homes

The holiday homes on the dunes are a beautiful sight from the beach and memorable pictures on the retina. At By Holiday Homes, we provide holiday rentals in Løkken, where you can have these fantastic experiences.

Nature and sea

A walk along the dunes is also completely unique - and especially the sunset is eminent to enjoy from the beach's many dunes. If you finally have to start up the car, Fårup Sommerland is just a 15-minute drive away. And here everyone can be entertained for several days in a row! And let’s not forget Løkken's fantastic surfing environment! Both children and adults, trained as amateurs, have been taken into account here. There is a guarantee of getting your heart rate up and wind in your hair! And maybe you can even see the holiday home that you have rented. 

Indoor activities when the holiday home is rented in Løkken

If you are more into indoor activities, Løkken houses Action House, public swimming pool, fitness center, candy stores, lots of restaurants, shops and much more. And the city is constantly evolving. Well yes - and coziness in the holiday home is in itself exceptional. Fire in the wood stove and board games on the table are characteristics of Danish holiday home coziness. Fresh strawberries with cream and sugar - can you imagine anything better?

Fun and games

You can take the family bowling, go-carding or playing on slot machines! There is no excuse for boredom here, and even the family's teenagers have to indulge in pure family fun. (The vast majority of holiday homes in Løkken of course also have fast internet, where you can stream movies and games online if the rain sets in).

Løkken Bolcheri

Løkken Bolcheri is always a cozy and actually quite impressive experience. When seeing the melted sugar being tossed around in a multitude of colors and flavors, one can do nothing but be impressed by this particular craft.

Løkken Bryghus

After the kids are solidly equipped with candy bags, Løkken Bryghus calls on the parents and the young adults. Within a few meters you can relax with Bryghuset's specialties, and bring some of them home as well. In any case things are within walking distance as all our houses are centered around Løkken town.

In other words, there are an incredible number of opportunities for a lot of fantastic experiences when the family is going on holiday. And on this page you can book among Løkken's best holiday homes. Enjoy!

Find experiences along the northwest coast

Here you can read about the experiences that the northwest coast offers. When it comes to holiday home rental close to both the city center and the North Sea, you have to concentrate not to find a lot of experiences. Here's something for the whole family!

Holiday parks or relaxation in a holiday home?

Whatever you are into one or the other, here is something for everyone. Along the northwest coast there are a wealth of offers when you are looking for experiences during your holiday. Several destinations such as Blokhus, Løkken, Lønstrup, Skagen and more welcome happy tourists:


Lovely holidays full of experiences!

As it appears, you can easily invite the family to a holiday home that you have rented via By Holiday Homes. And we are ready to help you if you need specialized advice about your next vacation. Click around the website and get inspired!