Holiday Home rental in Furreby

If you've never been on holiday in Furreby, which is situated just outside Løkken, you simply have to experience it. Furreby is a small secluded area filled with plenty of lovely summer houses for rent. And these summer houses are rented out like hot cakes due to the many qualities of the holiday town.

A true summer house area

When you move around in the area, you can immediately feel that this is a really secluded and relaxing area, despite the central location near the town of Løkken. Shopping, experiences and restaurants are just minutes away, but you need to cross the charming Furreby Stream that flows directly into the North Sea. In several places, you can cross the stream via charming bridges, from where you can admire the beautiful view of the beach, beach grass, stones and summer houses. Here, we personally can stand and be completely mesmerized by the sound of the water on a beautiful summer day. Along the stream and through Furreby, there are paths that are perfect for lovely walks in the area.

Impressive coastal battery

The history of war is scary, but also fascinating. And when you cross the dunes that separate Furreby from the beach and the North Sea, you will encounter the old coastal battery and the old bunkers that are located on the beach. An impressive sight and a great experience to explore for both children and adults. The bunkers are like pearls on a string, and they are filled with graffiti, which only adds to the experience. It is allowed to crawl into the bunkers, and you always meet curious visitors who eagerly study these relics from the time of war."

Vacation homes for every taste

When you rent a summer house in Furreby, there are different types of homes to choose from - from the modest house without a lot of modern conveniences and facilities to the brand new houses for those who love everyday luxury. The houses are situated in a relatively open area, and you often see children playing ball, king game, badminton or the like. The roads are also on the quiet side, as the area is sheltered and you are most likely not driving around unless you have errands to run.

Close to Nr. Lyngby, Lønstrup and more

Yes, when you vacation in Furreby, it's actually possible to take your bike or car and visit beautiful Lønstrup or Nørre Lyngby's wild nature. Or what about Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse? A bit further away are Blokhus and Fårup Summerland, but there are buses from Løkken if you don't want to bring your car. And there are many more experiences beyond those mentioned here - come on vacation in a summer house in beautiful Furreby and experience the wide selection for yourself.