Kettrup Bjerge - a summer vacation that must be experienced!

Have you ever been on a summer holiday in Kettrup Bjerge? If not, the time has come, and if yes, then we know you’ll come back!

The area got its name from a hilly terrain

We who are used to Kettrup Bjerge can easily understand how the area got its name. But for those who aren’t necessarily familiar with Kettrup's terrain, here's the reason: You don't realize it until you reach a certain point - but when you reach that point, a whole "mountain landscape" of hilly, rugged, and beautiful hills and valleys opens up. Hence the name Kettrup "Bjerge" (Mountains). You probably shouldn't go hiking here if you have a bad knee or the like - but if you're up for zigzagging your way through the beautiful summer house area, the trip and the scenery is very impressive!

Super charming holiday home area

Kettrup Bjerge is a dream for all of us who work with holiday home rental on the northwest coast. Here is a beautiful and secluded summer house area that is not typically "holiday town-like" like Løkken or Blokhus. You have to drive, ride your bicycle, or walk a fair distance to reach these popular holiday destinations. Blokhus is about 14 km away and Løkken about 10 km away. But this also means that you can enjoy a peaceful vacation while being able to easily transport yourself to the nearest holiday-lik city center. If you rent one of the summer houses during peak season, there are more vacationers nearby, as Grønhøj Strand Camping is open here. But experiencing holiday home rentals in Denmark in this area is wonderful all year round!

Beautiful nature, not far from activities

Otherwise, you can find almost everything within a radius of about 10-15 km, whether it's Fårup Sommerland, Jambo Feriepark, Blokhus or Løkken Centrum. If you're into nature and don't mind driving a little further, then you must experience Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse and rugged Nørre Lyngby. If you're well-trained in hiking, you can walk to both, but few guests are that tough. There are also buses from the main road no. 55, which makes things a little easier if you prefer not to start the car.

Check out Kettrup Bjerge and book your holiday home here. We look forward to servicing you!