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Locally anchored holiday home rental in Denmark, close to the North Sea and holiday village - for you, for Løkken and in Løkken.

Welcome to By Holiday Homes in Denmark

Welcome to Løkken By Holiday Homes! Denmark's first holiday home rental agency that is born digitally and with 100% focus on digital service and sustainability. We have dropped printing a lot of catalogs and instead we focus on the fact that most of our services can be found and used online, via app or in our holiday homes and holiday apartments.

We try to ensure that as much as possible is right next to you when you rent a holiday home from By Holiday Homes in Denmark. 

An experienced team within holiday home rental

We consist of a team that has been working professionally with holiday rental and digital strategy for more than 34 years. We are local and we are passionate about our immediate area, where we ourselves can be found if you call. In other words we’re just around the corner and ready to help, if you experience faults or deficiencies in the holiday home or holiday apartment in Denmark you have rented via us.

You can be sure that the rented holiday home or apartment is close to both the city and the North Sea. You don’t need to start up the car to find experiences just around the corner - from attractions to restaurants and beautiful nature in Løkken.

The perfect setting for a wonderful holiday home vacation in Denmark

Løkken is a great place to spend your holiday, packed with a wealth of opportunities to create wonderful memories. Whether you are into outdoor sports or indoor action, Løkken can facilitate it all. Here you will find a wonderful shopping environment with lots of shops. And you will also find restaurants with live music or fun for both children, tweens and teens. The nature is absolutely fantastic, and can be used for living, playing and airing.

The nature in Løkken is both fantastic and raw! Many holiday homes are placed on top of the windswept dunes - and we have found the best ones to rent out. The old bunkers can be found along the beachline, and it is a completely unique experience for both children and adults to crawl around in and on them.

Along the impressive North Sea in Løkken you will also find the characteristic Danish bathing houses. For several years people have been queuing up to get their hands on them and enjoy the sunset without wind in their hair.

Find our holiday home rentals and holiday apartments in Denmark on this site. More units are being added all the time, and we strive to rent out the best ones.

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Welcome to Løkken!