Experience Løkken all year round - with Løkken By Sommerhuse

The holiday must be planned as a repeated pleasure. And in that regard, it can be convenient to have a destination that is recommendable all year round! The Danish nature along the shores of the West Coast is completely unsurpassed, whether it is summer, winter, spring or autumn. We know this with our many years of experience in holiday home rental in Denmark, just see more below.

Løkken is wonderful both summer and winter!

Most people probably know Løkken in Denmark and the West Coast's holiday towns and holiday homes as favorite summer destinations in Denmark. But the truth is that Løkken is also fantastic in the so-called "shoulder seasons" / "off-seasons" and also just completely "off season". Have you ie. tried to spend Christmas Eve or New Years in a holiday home in Denmark on the West Coast? It is a memorable experience! If you are lucky, the snow falls white while there is a fire in the fireplace and the tree lights up in the winter darkness. In fact, it is also enormously fun to ride a sled from the high dune and down to the beach - here you can speed up, for the benefit of both children and adults. And afterwards sit in a cozy café and look out at the Christmas lights while the hot cocoa steams in the cup. It is really about taking advantage of these opportunities that lovely Denmark offers.

Experience a holiday home in Løkken in the spring

Spring is also a special experience in a holiday home in Løkken in Denmark! The sun's early spring rays shed light on warmer times ahead. Sitting in one of Løkken's beautiful dunes and licking the first rays along the North Sea is worth its weight in gold. The body is soon filled with vitamin D, which has been in deficit since the fall made its intake. And the feeling of the coming of summer, experienced from a holiday home - well, no words needed. In case it rains a little and the wind picks up, it is still unique to move around in the scenery that will soon be filled with tourists and holiday life in Denmark. At By Sommerhuse, we praise our holiday rentals all year round! As we are locally based, you can often meet us no matter which season you visit Løkken.

Summer holiday in a holiday home in Løkken

The summer season speaks for itself as this is the most traditional time of year to go on vacation in a holiday home. Most time is spent outside while enjoying nature's buffet of outdoor experiences, lovely beaches and more. Barbecuing, sunbathing, playin games on the lawn while the dog greets passers-by. All the holiday homes at By Sommerhuse in Løkken, Denmark, are located close to both the city center and the North Sea, and there is something for everyone. Recreational and secluded, or in the middle of the crowd? Just come to Løkken, then your needs will be met. The memories of the salty skin from the sea and the sandy feet after a dip in the water will last forever. This is Denmark at its best! Løkken even offers a car-free part of the beach, where nature can be experienced completely undisturbed from metallic glare or the sound of a car engine.


..Or visit Løkken in the autumn 

Did you know that the North Sea is actually the warmest when summer is coming to an end? It is the perfect way to welcome the coming of winter when you immerse yourself in the - relatively - warm water. If you could not imagine anything worse than a dive into the waves, Løkken is, as mentioned, also full of indoor activities, which is why you can always find fun activities during the holidays. There are plenty of opportunities for great experiences. For example, when the city is visited in the autumn by many families Action House testifies to lots of indoor family fun.

In short, we think that Løkken is wonderful all year round. Do you already agree, or do you need to give it a try? Then book your next holiday in Denmark here.