Classic holiday home as in the old days

Room for 6 persons

4 bedroom

106 m² holiday home

500 m. to the beach

1 pets

Do you sometimes dream your way back to when things went a little bit slower? Maybe you haven’t experienced it yet, but then the opportunity has come - Sommervej 2 in Løkken, Denmark is a lovely holiday home for rent.

The house welcomes you as a classic beach hotel

Have you seen the series “Badehotellet”? If not, give it a try (even if it's Danish). Just because it gives you the best indication of the classic holiday home on Sommervej 2 in Løkken. The house has only had two owners, and when it was last traded in 2016, the owners fell head over heels for the house. It was completely original as it was built in 1976! This allowed the new owners to make their own mark on the house - and this was done as follows:


The house was green on the outside and brown on the inside - after short consideration of keeping this look, the owners however surrendered to the black/white style on the outside and completely white and minimalistic on the inside. A top cupboard has been removed from the kitchen in order for the light to flow throughout the whole house. The short bunk beds with cupboards at the end were replaced with bright rooms, new beds and airy hat shelves as well as bedrollers. Nothing fancy, but super functional and minimalistic. It also makes the house very easy to clean and with four bedrooms and a total of seven sleeping accommodations (excluding the lovely corner sofa), this is a big plus.


The little quirks of the cottage

We say it right away! Do not rent this holiday home if you are into modern comfort! The house has never been put up for rent before 2022 and therefore it is not created as a rental house. It is, in turn, created for charm and atypicality - you will find different glasses, tableware and the like. Here you will make conversation while cleaning the dishes by hand, and you won’t find a washing machine. The fridge is half the size of a normal fridge and the freezer is actually inconspicuous. There is only a single bathroom with a toilet, and the water heater can not keep up with long baths for everyone in line. It is not always completely optimal, but the owners have nevertheless had a full house for several seasons in a row, where the feedback has been that it has actually been quite nice having to think twice before consuming a lot. The fridge / freezer minimizes food waste and the conversation goes merrily over the dishes, which you as mentioned arrange by hand. Kitchen rolls, toilet paper and the like are already available in the house, as the guests maintain the operation of the house themselves. Ie. that if you empty something, you just fill it up again. The holiday home is inhabited by the owners themselves, when it is not rented out. There is free access to the public swimming pool 20 meters away.


One does not escape from being a little bit modern, though

At By Sommerhuse, we are anchored online - and even the most charming holiday homes can not fight against that. Therefore, a fast wi-fi connection has been installed so that several can stream online at the same time. The TV in the living room is just a screen with Chromecast, and you’ll need to find your flow tv online :) In addition, a heat pump is installed, so that the house does not need to be heated by expensive electric radiators. The bathroom has a hefty underfloor heating, so this does not have to be turned on every day. In the living room you’ll also find a cozy wood stove, where the owners often bake homemade pizzas - this is evidenced by the pizza stone that hides in a shelf under the oven in the kitchen. This oven is also quite old, but works quite excellently.


The neighbor is a squirrel and a deer

On one side of the holiday home on Sommervej in Løkken is “Vendsysselparken”. This means that there is no mastodontic, modern house. The squirrels often come by and there are lots of lovely birdsong all day long, and deer often run across Sommervej. Of the less welcome guests is the mole who insists on destroying the grass that surrounds the 108 sqm house on the plot, which is a total of 1016 sqm. Lots of space for playing games in the garden!


Holiday home close to both beach and town

The beach is approx. 600 meters away, and the city approx. 250 meters. So you are actually in the middle of Løkken’s opportunities for experiences, shopping and restaurant visits! The holiday home is located on a corner plot, and you therefore get both cement and gravel road. On the two terraces you can choose whether you want to look at the city's life or sit in peace and quiet and look at Sommervej.


Have you become curious to learn more? Then contact us today for more information.


The holiday home is non-smoking and youth groups are not allowed.


  • Maximum number of people 6
  • Distance shopping 300
  • Distance to beach 500
  • Year of construction 1974
  • ChromeCast / Apple TV Ja
  • Number of bedrooms 4
  • Double beds 2
  • Single beds 2
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Underfloor heating in bathroom Ja
  • Distance restaurant 500
  • WiFi Ja
  • Number of ovens 1
  • Electric kettle Ja
  • Electric heating Ja
  • Wood stove Ja
  • Ground area m² 1200
  • Pets Ja
  • House size 106
  • Amount of pets 2
  • Heat pump with cooling Ja
  • * Ja
  • Living rooms 1
  • Patio furniture Ja
  • Grill Ja
  • Number of TVs 1
  • Refrigerator without freezer Ja
  • Smoking not allowed Ja
The holiday home is not available
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